Betting on favourites and betting favourites in 2013

The Touch Favourites sounds naturally as easy money. Just type in a clear favourite to slightly lower rates. Not the big win, but safe money. This idea, one should immediately out of your head. If this were the case, there would either be no bookmakers, or if they were all already bankrupt. It is a daily business that rates of 1.01 overturn or go at betting exchanges a quota of 1000. You should call an always his conscience: In the sport is not sure. Only when the final whistle of the referee heard and the result is on his side, you have won.

Tipsters who type stubborn to favourites go under eventually and be so fast no longer see the light of day. Who wants to tap long-term success should be once acquire some basic knowledge and a lot of experience. There are basically two ways to long-term success. That would be the first Asian market and in the second case the Tap “Value odds”, i.e. rates that are set too high, at its discretion, but what can be seen only through years of experience and specialized knowledge.

Combination of these two variants, i.e. value ratios plays on the Asian market, we can achieve as professional tipsters a solid main income and much more. Of course, you can occasionally tap a favourite, but you should always agree the odds. In no event under the motto “The odds do not care who win anyway” proceed. Especially in football, it is possible that a favourite fall after another. This so-called “favourites death” is not very rare and occurs every day dozens of times. One only has to run once the results of the European leagues to heart.

There are tons of daily quotas of 1.20 and lower. In addition, these rates are already among the lowest in football. Typing words on a favourite, but this one should do just as a single bet, as a maximum of 2 combined. The chance that a combination with 5 low rates by about is relatively small, it should be clear. Moreover, it is in no relation to the risk and the possible gain. A further possibility is to modify the favourites bet.

If one is certain that the favourite wins, so you can get out of here in some circumstances a higher profit than the Simple 3-way outright.